DK Music


Dan has always enjoyed composing. Having developed perfect pitch and an ability to play by ear from an early age, improvisation became an integral part of his writing process. Dan uses the piano extensively, from the initial formation of an idea to the writing of parts later expanded to orchestral instrumentation.

Dan currently composes using a combination of traditionally conventional orchestral textures with electronic effects. Working with a wide range of reverbs, delays and distortions, he enjoys this hybrid collaboration greatly, finding seemingly endless possibilities of sounds. He has begun uploading some of his pieces to his YouTube channel, learning to edit and sync videos with Final Cut Pro. His most recent video can be found below.

Dan has used Logic Pro X exclusively for over 5 years, from recording sketches and programming MIDI to mixing and mastering. Production is at the heart of Dan’s sound, and he continues to invest in deeply-sampled instrument libraries from EastWest, Spitfire Audio, Spectrasonics and others to ensure the highest possible quality.

More recently, he became proficient in using Pro Tools to record and comp takes. This has ensured confidence when handling sessions recorded at studios across London and the South East of England.

During his time at university, Dan composed three albums: Under Midi Control, The Tertiary Existence, Constructal Law. He has also worked on several short promotional films, including the following ones for Entity Eleven and FujiFilm: GFX Stories by FujiFilm Global, Chaigaram by Entity Eleven and Tiosk by Entity Eleven.

Dan has also worked as an orchestrator, where he arranged an edition of Cyril Rootham’s ‘Andromeda’ for a 12-piece ensemble and choir. This work is to be debuted at the Charles Kingsley Society Festival in June 2019.